Hierarchy Panel

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The Hierarchy Panel contains the Scene Hierarchy which is a giant list of all the Objects in the Scene. It acts as a quick way to search for specific objects as well as select them.

Objects which are locked will appear with yellow text in the hierarchy

It is broken down into different categories based on the Object Type, by simply opening one of the categories, you will see a complete list of all the assets of that category that is present in the scene.

By double clicking on an item in the list you will select them in the Zone. This can be used to select objects which have been locked.

In addition the Hierarchy introduces some organizational tools using filters. A filter is simply a heading which can contain any number of objects and helps keep things organized. A new filter can be created by right clicking on a parent node (such as Model, Terrain Chunks, Lights etc.) in the hierarchy and pressing the New Filter Option in the popup menu that appears.

This will create a new item in the hierarchy list called “New Filter” and you can rename it, by double clicking on the text and then typing a new name. Alternatively you can right click it and press “Rename Filter”. It is perfectly possible to create filters within filters and there is no limit as to how many you can add.

To move the items inside the filter simply select the item or items by hold the Ctrl key to perform multi-select, then drag and drop them on top of the filter, which will place them inside.

Alternatively, you can select the objects you want to place under a filter and simply right click them and press “Filter Selected Objects” from the popup menu.

If a filter has been created, whenever placing an object which has a filter under it, the filter can be selected in the Object Placement settings. This means that all objects which are placed while the filter is selected, will automatically be added under the specified filter in the hierarchy saving you lots of time while keeping your project organized.

The checkboxes on the left hand side of each item within the hierarchy allows you to quickly toggle the visibility of each object in the scene.

Pressing the H key will hide/un-hide all currently selected items