Action Bar

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The Action Bar, by default, runs across the top of the window under the Menu Bar. However, you can move this around to whichever position you prefer by Click & Drag the grip icon on the far left. It contains a series of icon buttons to access a variety of tools and toggle the visibility of panels, to help keep your workspace organized.

Icon Tool Description
Selection Mode Select Objects in the Scene with your mouse
Translate Mode Move Object around using the 3D cursor
Rotate Tool Rotate Objects around using the 3D Cursor
Scale Tool Scale Objects up & Down using the 3D Cursor
Align to Ground Automatically rotate the selected object with the surface of the closest terrain object so that it is perfectly aligned when using the drag tool
Snap to Ground Automatically pulls the object down to the surface of the terrain when using the drag tool
Enable Grid Move the selected object with the 3D cursor by precise amounts defined in the render panel
Disable Audio Mute all Audio in the Editor
Bypass Fog Disables fog in the viewport for easier long-distance editing in scenes with thick layers of fog
Enable Triggers Enables or Disables trigger objects in the zone. When disabled trigger objects will not execute their assigned scripts. Scripts will still be executed if the editor is in game testing mode.
Pause Waypoints Stops all objects currently moving along a path to make it easier to select
Create/Append Group Create or Append objects to a group
Remove Primary Selection from Group Remove primary selected object from the selected group
Disband Group Disband the currently selected group
Play/Pause Start and Stop testing your game within the editor (Requires a primary camera to be set up within the scene)