Running on Linux

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This guide will walk you through steps on how to get Bright Engine working on Linux!

Be Aware: Wine v4.12 has problems with 64bit prefixes and so Bright Engine is non-Compatible with this version. A hot fix Wine v4.12.1 was released which solved this problem.


Before we begin, make sure you have the following:

  • A modern Linux distribution such as Ubuntu 19.04 (which is used in this guide).
  • Make sure your GPU supports Modern OpenGL and OpenGL versions beyond 4.0.
  • If you have an AMD card, you need to make sure that Mesa is updated, it is recommended to have at least version 19.0.
  • If you have a Nvidia card, make sure you add the Proprietary Graphics Drivers PPA, you can find guides for other Linux distributions.
  • Last thing that you need is Wine, it is recommended to install Wine-Staging simply because it has additional patches on top of regular Wine.
  • What would be a good idea is to install Lutris, because you can manage multiple Wine bottles and not mess with the one installed on the System.


  1. If you are using Lutris, click on the + button and select Add Game, select Wine as the runner, set the Wine version to System Wine and set theexecutable to point to Editor.exe file.
  2. It is wise to create a new prefix and set the prefix to 64 bit (you can leave it to auto if you do not want to tamper with it).
  3. Before you close the setup, go to System options and enable Terminal (it is not necessary, but i recommend it).
  4. Once you finish the setup, click on the game (in this case it is Bright Engine), and select Control Panel, and then Add/Remove software, and make sure that Wine-Mono is NOT installed.
  5. Once that is done, close Add/Remove software and then click on Winetricks, wait for it a bit to load, and then go to default prefix->Install Windows DLL or Component->dotnet40, check it and press ok.
  6. Now there is a bug with Winetricks which was fixed multiple times, but it always came back at the end, so what i recommend is to wait until it crashes and then go to this link
  7. Download it and make sure Show Hidden files is enabled, and then go to home/.cache/winetricks/dotnet40/ and remove the file in the folder and replace it with the one you downloaded.
  8. Do the same for dotnet45 (the link is
  9. Once you got those two, do winetricks dotnet40 again (winetricks dotnet45 also), and it should install it properly.
  10. Try loading the Bright and see if it works for you!


  • Can i use a regular Wine version instead of a Staging one?
    • Yes you can, but be aware that Staging version has 800+ patches on top of the regular Wine, which fixes some decade old bugs, feel free to experiment with Wine and see which version works best for you!
  • Is there any performance hit, because Bright goes through a translation layer?
    • To be honest, since Bright uses OpenGL, the only thing Wine translates is .NET calls, and when it comes to FPS, there should not be any performance impact, but that can depend on multiple factors!
  • Will you write a guide for Arch and RPM based distributions?
    • The guide remains pretty much the same, except the requirements part, you can find a lot of good guides on how to get all that working!

Written by: Srdjan Radovic (Alpha Tester)