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Q: What genre of game can Bright Engine create?
A: The engine was designed with scalability in mind, thus you are not limited a specific genre. Regardless of your project style or theme, Bright will be able to adapt to whatever you need.

Q: What platforms are supported?
A: Bright Engine enables you to deploy projects to Windows PC, Linux & VR. Additional tools for publishing to Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles are available at no extra cost to registered developers of the respective platforms.

Q: Can I create videos or streams featuring Bright Engine and use them to generate revenues from donations or advertisements?
A: Yes. You are free to publish any video or streaming material and even make money from your efforts. You owe us no royalties on this revenue.

Q: How much do I have to pay for Bright Engine?
A: Pricing varies depending on the type of license that is purchase and the number of seats. Each license is perpetual and includes one year of free updates. This updated period can be extended by renewing your license at a greatly reduced price. You can still use the software without limitations after the update period has expired even if you choose not to renew. Full details can be found here.

Q: How do I get started once I purchase a license?
A: Once your License has been activated, you will be able to download all versions of Bright Engine from within your account area on this website. There is full documentation available here, along with the installed software. There is also an active community forum and discord server where you can ask questions, give advice and even talk to the developers. In addition, there are a growing number of video tutorials available on YouTube along with example projects which can be used as templates for your own.

Q: How long does it take to activate my license after purchasing Bright Engine
A: This process can take up to 48 hours, however is normally completed within 24 hours. If your serial code has not been added to your account area within that time and payment has been completed, please contact us and we'll get the problem sorted.


Q: Do you automatically renew my license after the free update period comes to an end?
A: No. We believe that the decision to renew a license rests upon the individual and so this option is set to off by default.

Q: How do I manage my account or Licenses?
A: All account management is handled on this website, simply log in and go to your account area to see all your user details, license keys, downloads and transactions history.

Q: I can't afford to renew my license, can I still use Bright Engine?
A: Yes. The license you initially purchased is perpetual, therefore regardless of whether you are still eligible for updates, you are able to use the Bright Engine software without limitation at the latest version available when your update period expired.

Q: Can I add more seats to my license?
A: Yes. Additional seats can be added to an existing Bright Engine license at a reduced price. Contact our sales team to discuss the quantity of seats you need and receive a quote.


Q: What is the Bright Engine End User License Agreement (EULA) ?
A: The Bright Engine EULA is a legal document which you are agreeing to when you use the Bright Engine software. It governs your use of Bright Engine, and also describes your rights and obligations when creating a product using the software. You can download the EULA as a PDF here.

Q: What are the system requirements to run Bright Engine on my Computer?
A: Minimum & Recommended system requirements can be found on the System Requirements Page.

Q: Do I need licenses for any third party software included with Bright Engine?
A: No. We've taken care of everything on that front as the licenses are included with your Bright Engine Developer License.

Development with Bright Engine

Q: What scripting or programming language does Bright Engine use?
A: Bright Engine is built on c++ and so uses c++ for scripting. While existing knowledge is recommended, there are plenty of examples included which will help you learn how to create complex systems, without needing to be a programming guru.

Q: What file formats are supported for models and textures?
A: Supported 3D Model Formats: .obj .fbx .dae & .blend
Supported Texture Formats: .png .bmp .tga .dds & .hdr

Q: How do I import my models into Bright Engine
A: We have provided a detailed video tutorial explaining each step in exporting to Bright Engine, covering Materials, Animations & LOD's.

Q: What modeling program is required?
A: We personally recommend Blender, however any software that is able to export to the supported formats is suitable.

Q: Is there any default content/assets that is included with the Engine?
A: Yes. Upon purchasing a license you will be able to download all assets that have been used within the example projects from your account area of this website.

Releasing Products

Q: What kinds of products can I release with Bright Engine?
A: You can release any product that is allowed by law. The only exception are gambling applications which requires additional licensing from the gaming commission of the respective countries and/or states in which your product will be released. You can release games, demos, VR projects, architectural showcases, trailers & films however you can not release the Bright Engine software with your product.

Q: If I release a commercial product do I need to pay any royalties to Gajatix Studios?
A: No. Your license for Bright Engine covers all your obligations to Gajatix Studios, therefore regardless of how successful your product you do not owe us any royalties from the generated revenue.

Q: Will Gajatix Studios publish my game once it is ready for release?
A: No. Gajatix Studios does not get involved with the release of your product, therefore it will be up to you to find a publisher if you decide to go down that route. However if you'd like us to show off your game under the Made with Bright portion of this website then please contact us.

Q: Does my game have to show the Bright Engine Splash Screen whenever a player opens the game?
A: No. This feature can be disabled from within the editor. However we certainly do appreciate the support from the developers who leave it in their game to help spread the word, but you are not required to do so.

Have a question that you cannot find here? Feel free to contact us or ask the community!