Element Stylesheet

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At the top of the Element Stylesheet panel is a drop-down list that contains all the existing stylesheets in the project. A style sheet can be changed at any time. However, no changes will take effect until the Paint Element button is pressed.

New Style Sheet Create a new style sheet in the project
Rename Style Sheet Rename the selected style sheet
Remove Style Sheet Remove the selected style sheet from the project
Paint Element Apply the style sheet to every widget in the element. Warning: this will override custom set values. If you only want to apply the style sheet to specific widgets, select the widgets individually and press the Apply Style Sheet () button found at the bottom of the Style Tab within the Widget Properties Panel. You can also update the values of the style sheet to match a selected widget using the Update Style Sheet () button.

Below these buttons you will find the same style settings as found in the Widget Properties style settings. Select the widget from the drop down list and begin changing values to edit the style sheet. Once again this won’t make any visual changes unless you repaint the element or update components individually.

If you want to have real-time feedback of the changes being made, add the specific widget to your UI Element and change the style settings from within the Widget Properties. Once you are happy, press the Update Style Sheet () button to apply these changes to the style sheet.