Developer Suite

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The developer suite is broken up into three sections: Project Explorer, Console Output, and Workspace. The project explorer displays all the scripts located within the projects script directory in a simple hierarchy. By double clicking an item, the selected file will be opened in a new code editor within the Workspace. There is no limit as to how many files can be opened at once and files can be switched between by clicking on their respective tabs. Whenever running a script, the results of the test is displayed within the Console.

Any errors which occurred while running the code located in the currently selected file will be displayed within the console along with information regarding what went wrong and on what line. Note that when running a script, the editor will execute the main() function and hence an error will occur if there is not one present in the current script file.

The Developer Suite is fully customizable and the layout can be adjusted to suit the needs of the user. Click and holding the header of the Project Explorer, or Console will allow you to relocate the panels to a new location. The same is applied to open code files.