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The Menu Bar runs across the top of the window and is your primary navigational tool for accessing all other tools & windows.

New Emitter Creates a new Emitter within the Project
Load Emitter Loads a previously created Emitter within the Project
Rename Emitter Renames the currently selected Emitter a new Emitter within the Project
Duplicate Emitter Duplicates the currently selected Emitter
Remove Emitter Removes the currently selected Emitter from the Project
New Particle Creates a new Particle Source within the currently loaded Emitter
Rename Particle Renames the currently selected particle system
Duplicate Particle Duplicates the selected particle within the currently loaded Emitter
Remove Particle Remove the selected particle from the currently loaded Emitter
Close Closes the Particle Editor
Tutorial Videos Opens the Tutorial Video section of the Bright Engine website in your default browser
Documentation Opens this documentation.