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Patch Notes R2 2022 - May 2022

Performance & Optimization

The engineering team have been making substantial changes to how the engine draws the scene, resulting in significant performance boosts without loss of graphical fidelity.

Patch Notes R1 2022 - March 2022

UI & Resource Management

A lot of under the hood architecture has been re-written, drastically reducing memory usage and improving frame rate. Meanwhile a brand new UI system and editor has emerged. This is more of a technical update than visual so pretty pictures will make a return next time.

Patch Notes Version 0.1.8c - June 2021

Open Worlds Part 1

This update is the first of several to bring Open-World support to Bright Engine starting with various performance improvements, as well as the long-awaited Asset Brush Toolkit. Beyond this, shadows have also received some much-needed attention and another round of bugs have been squished.

Patch Notes Version 0.1.8b - March 2021

Terrain Tessellation

This update aimed to make substantial improvements to the engine’s existing systems, namely landscapes. The entire terrain and dynamic foliage system has been re-written to become far more powerful!

Patch Notes Version 0.1.8a - October 2020

Diagnostics & Scripting Part 2

The scripting system is now approximately 40% functional with six of the core classes now fully implemented! We’ve also completely revamped the diagnostics suite and squashed a whole lot of bugs!

Patch Notes Version 0.1.7c - August 2020

Physical Rendering & Scripting

This update takes the first step to making Bright Engine production ready with the introduction of scripting! We are proud to reveal the new Development Suite where developers will spend their time writing scripts, designing user interfaces, and crafting the ultimate gameplay experience!

Patch Notes Version 0.1.7b - June 2020

Upgraded UI, Emitter & Audio

This update we’ve fixed a plethora of bugs while at the same time, introduced a wide array of upgrades, both in terms of capability as well as performance. UI, Particles, Materials, Audio and Waypoints are just some of the systems which have received incredible and much needed upgrades!

Patch Notes Version 0.1.7a - April 2020

Upgraded UI, Emitter & Audio

This update brings about a complete overhaul on the rendering architecture, a brand new material system and node-based editor along with a handful of other new tools! But most importantly we fixed a lot of the performance limitations that had been present in earlier versions, with fps almost doubling across the board with no reduction in quality! With over 40% of the entire code re-written, there is a lot to talk about!

Patch Notes Version 0.1.6c - December 2019

Performance & Optimization

In this update, we took a step back from adding new features and focused on improving existing systems drastically, while fixing up quite a few annoying bugs that until now appeared to be squash resistant! New lighting systems, faster high-quality shadows, working alpha blending (finally) and more along with a plethora of optimizations to performance!