Node Canvas

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You will spend most of your time within the node canvas which is endless so feel free to make your node trees as long and as complex as you desire. Navigation is handled by using the mouse scroll wheel. You can zoom in/out by scrolling with the mouse wheel, and panning can be achieved by Click and Dragging the mouse scroll wheel. Alternatively, you can use the plus/minus keys to zoom in/out and the arrow keys to pan around.

In order to select a node, move the cursor over the nodes header and Left Click. Alternatively, Left Click in an empty space in the canvas and drag to select nodes via a selection box. All selected nodes have a blue outline. The primary selected node (which is the last node you selected) will have an orange outline, and its settings will appear in the Editor. The difference in color allows you to easily differentiate which of the selected nodes is the primary selected node. The selection system can make use of modifiers to quickly select or de-select additional nodes. Holding the Shift button while performing a selection will append the nodes to the existing selection. Holding the Ctrl button while performing a selection will remove the nodes from the existing selection. Both these modifier can be used with the drag selection tool as well. Whenever selecting a node, its associated settings will appear in the right hand area of the Material Editor Window.

Selected Nodes can be moved around the canvas by hovering over any selected nodes header and Left Click + Drag.

The primary menu can be accessed by Right Clicking anywhere within the Node Canvas Area.

Tool Menu
Add Node Opens the menu for adding a node to the canvas area.
Group Nodes Groups the selected nodes together into a single node. This group node can be exported and used in other materials.
Duplicate Node(s) This will duplicate the currently selected nodes
Remove Object(s) This will remove the currently selected Object from the material
Add Comment Box Creates a new comment box which can be used to organize the node tree
Set Values as Default With a primary node selected, this will change the default values of the node to whatever has currently been set In its settings. The next time this node is added to a material, these new values will appear as default rather than the original default value. This can be overwritten at any time by simply using this setting again.