3D Viewport

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The 3D viewport, provides a preview of the material projected onto a seamless sphere. By moving the mouse over any portion of the 3D viewport and Left Click + Drag allows you to rotate the camera around the sphere in order to see it from all angles.

The scene is illumined using Image Based Lighting (HDR) from the skybox, and there are four scenes with different lighting conditions available for you to get a preview of how you material will react under different conditions.

Each of the scenes can be instantly switched to by pressing the associated number keys (1 – 4). Furthermore, the skyboxes default to a blurred version as to not deter the attention away from the material sphere, however this blur effect can be toggled on and off by pressing the “O” key.

Note: If you are editing a material and at any time the sphere in the 3D viewport has disappeared, this means that an error occurred during the calculation of the shader. This is almost always caused by a math error such as a divide by zero problem. Carefully check your node set-up and ensure no silly mistakes exist if this does occur.

Underneath the 3D Viewport the Preview Mode can be set to any of the following:

 Preview Mode
PBR Composite Renders the material using the complete PBR simulation. This is what you will see when the material is used within the main editor.
Preview Node Renders the material at the point of the Preview Node within the material tree. Useful mode for when debugging materials.
Albedo Renders the albedo color of the material only
Normal Renders the normal of the material only
Roughness Renders the roughness of the material only
Metalness Renders the metalness of the material only
Emission Renders the emission of the material only
Ambient Occlusion Renders the ambient occlusion of the material only
Subsurface Color Renders the subsurface color of the material only
Height Renders the height of the material only
Thickness Renders the thickness of the material only
Opacity Renders the opacity of the material only