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Bright is a lightweight C++ 3D Game Engine capable of achieving advanced modern graphics. Bright requires some programing knowledge from the user as Game Mechanics, Interface etc. is down to you. While this may deter you from using Bright this is necessary for every game engine we’re just a bit blunter about it.

This is where you do all your World Building, Creating Particles & Mesh Effects, Setting up NPC’s etc. Everything you do is written out to files for the Client to parse and regenerate in your game. This also means that there is no save button since everything is effectively being saved whenever you change something, which is rather handy in the unfortunate event of a crash.

This is your actual game. You have complete control over the source code making anything possible. The Client is written in C++ 11 and will already have some core systems in place when you start a new project, including a Basic Camera, Some Interface Elements & a Demo Scene (which you can edit in the Main Editor). While it’s quite bare in comparison to a full-scale game, it shows you some good examples as to how to get started. To read all the data you have generated in the Main Editor you need to be able to parse and load from every file which would be a nightmare, this is where the Bright SDK comes in. Before you can Compile and Run your Client you need to link the BrightSDK.dll to your project. This library contains a large array of features for you to exploit, saving a lot of critical time.