Project Launcher

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Upon launching Bright Engine, you will be presented with the Project Launcher. This tool was introduced to help keep your projects more organized and reduce loading times.

On the left hand side you will have the list of projects which have been created and they can be loaded by simply double clicking on the name.

New Project Dialog

Simply type a Project Name in the top bar (this can be changed later) and press the Create Project Button. This will create the project and save it inside the default Projects directory in the install directory of Bright Engine. If you want to save the project to a specific location, uncheck the Use Default Directory box, then press the small file icon to open up the file browser. Select the folder you want the project to be saved to and choose a project name. Once you are done, simply press the Create Project button and your project will be created in the specified location.
Importing an Legacy Project into the Project Launcher
If you have created a project in a version before 0.1.6a it will not appear in this list by default. In order to get it to appear, open the Projects directory within the install directory of Bright Engine. Create a new folder with the same name as the .Proj file of your project. Then copy and paste your .Proj file and Data folder inside the newly created folder.
Example: Using the example image, the project file name of the project to import is Test_Project.Proj. Inside the Bright Engine Install directory a new folder inside the Projects folder will be created and named Test_Project.Proj (case sensitive).