Common Issues

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This is a list of problems some users may come across when using Bright Engine along with some solutions to these projects:

  • Not Rendering Correctly (Laptops) – When using the engine on a laptop, sometimes your scene will not rendering correctly, but there are no errors printed in the console. This is caused by incompatible hardware that affects older machines. What the most likely cause of this issue, is Bright Engine attempting to render the scene using the Integrated Graphics chip of your CPU (Usually because power mode on the laptop has been set to Battery Saver mode). You can test this by opening up the GPU Diagnostics tools from the menu bar and all information will be displayed. To resolve this issue, close Bright Engine and navigate to your GPU control panel (Nvidia or AMD) and set the default rendering device to your dedicated GPU. Once that’s done, restart Bright Engine and you should be able to continue as normal.

  • Shader Linker Error – When you load up the engine, if an error message appears in the console which reports some sort of problem regarding the linking of shaders, then the engine won’t be able to draw objects correctly. In order to fix this problem, please update your graphics drivers to the latest version.