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Living World > High Dynamic Range Skybox 

Bright Engine utilizes multi-layered linear range skyboxes for physically accurate lighting conditions throughout your crafted realms!

  • HDR & OpenEXR format base
  • Smooth transitions between layers
  • Independent environment, irradiance, and pre-filter layers
  • Day and night Cycles

Living World > Cloud Simulation

Bright Engine offers multiple solutions for cloud simulation from volumetrics to optical planars that may be combined for stunning results!

  • Multi-layered cloud system
  • Planar, spherical, and volumetric simulation
  • Parallax-based depth perception
  • Inherited directional wind simulation

Living World > Multi-Layered Fog

Bright Engine simulates parametric fog layers to achieve various atmospheric effects!

  • Multi-layered fog simulation
  • Linear, and density simulation methods
  • Event-triggered adjustments

Living World > Weather State Systems

Bright Engine supports event-driven and randomised weather layering for building better atmospherics within your scenes!

  • State-shifting weather layers
  • Weather triggered events for materials and world properties
  • Localized particle simulation
  • Syncronised audio effects