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Rendering > Physically-Based Rendering

Bright Engine comes with a powerful unbiased rendering engine that offers stunning realtime photorealistic rendering!

  • Intuitive metallic workflow
  • 4K HDR pipeline
  • Diffuse Iirradiance
  • GGX specular IBL
  • Automatic physical camera exposure
  • Parallax-Occlusion

Rendering > Geometry

Bright Engine comprehensive array of mesh-handling systems make placement and editing of your models a breeze.

  • Mesh optimizing import procedures
  • Automated material based instancing
  • Cashe Locality reformer to maximize GPU vertex handling
  • Direct Quixel Megascans™ Link (Coming Soon!)

Rendering > Post-Processing

Bright Engine is equipped with a built-in real-time compositor allowing you to achieve a wide array of high quality visual effects!

  • Emissive &Threshold HDR Bloom
  • Planar & Polar based Depth of Field
  • Chromatic Aberration & color grading
  • Screen-space Ambient Occlusion
  • Fast-Approximate Anti-Aliasing
  • ACES Tonemapping

Rendering > Multi-Layered Diagnostics

Bright Engine includes a GPU profiling toolkit designed for rapid prototyping of level performance and optimisation effectiveness

  • Off-screen rendering diagnostics
  • Frame performance visual tracking
  • Asset & Texture Draw call measurements
  • Onboard GPU memory tracing