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World Crafter > All-in-One Solution

Bright Engine is a complete development suite which has all the tools needed to design, develop and package your projects for release!

  • Visual editor environment
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Realtime performance feedback
  • Integrated essential middleware
  • Project encrypted compiling

World Crafter > Rapid World Generation

Bright Engine provides an industry compliant world building toolkit for both manual and procedural world building!

  • Rule-based procedural asset placement
  • Prefab assets
  • Grid & vertex object snapping

World Crafter > In-Editor Game Testing

Bright Engine lets you launch, test and run your game client from within the world editor through a live link so you can edit while you play!

  • In-editor game prototyping
  • Scripting live-link
  • Player-perspective debugging

Material Authoring > Quixel Megacans™ Import Link

This feature isn't quite ready yet.
Please consider supporting this project so we can get this finished much sooner!