Timeline Editor (Lights)

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The Timeline Editor for lights is the tool for editing the timeline settings of the selected light source.

On the left hand side there are all the settings which can be assigned timeline settings. The editor itself is very easy to use. As shown in the picture above, the color setting is being set and the gradient bar shows how the light color will change across the timeline loop. You can add as many nodes in between the first and last ones by click on the area underneath the gradient bar. This will create a new node with a white color:

This node can be moved by simply clicking and dragging it along. Note that the position value will also update to show you its exact position in the timeline. You can remove a node by hovering over it and pressing the Right Mouse button. Note that the first and last node cannot be removed. To change the color simply double click on the node you want to edit and a color picking dialog will appear.

All other settings work slightly different to color since they all operate with a grey scale timeline line. The same principles apply as with color in terms of nodes however the settings work a bit differently.

For each setting other than Color you can set a maximum and minimum value. The color of grey scale dictates what value will be used in between the maximum and minimum values when rendered. For the above image we are editing the strength of the light source throughout the timeline. A white value means the maximum strength will be used, a black value means the minimum strength will be used and a grey value will be somewhere in between. As with editing Color, double clicking on a node will open the color dialog where you should select a grey scale value (if you accidentally select a color value, Bright Engine will automatically convert it to greyscale but this could be less accurate). The above example would create a basic flickering effect.