Cubemap Manager

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The Cubemap Manager is a simple tool that lets you assign file paths to six different images that, when put together, form a cubemap. This would be useful when, giving an object fake reflections or an alternative way to setting up the skybox.

You can see all the cubemaps set up in the left-hand panel in a list. Selecting one of these will load up the saved file paths to each texture which can be changed by pressing the small folder icon button next to each path line. Once you are happy with your cubemaps, close the dialog and you will now be able to select your cubemap in various dialogs around the engine.
It is also capable of generating Environment, Irradiance & Pre-Filter cubemaps needed for your skyboxes.

  Cubemap Description
New Cubemap from Paths Create a new Cubemap
Remove Selected Cubemap Removes the selected Cubemap from the project
Generate Sky Maps from HDRi Generates all the Cubemap textures needed from a single Equirectangular HDR texture
Generate Skymaps from Cubemap Generates all the Cubemap textures needed from a selected Cubemap already created in the project
Close Cubemap Manager Close the Cubemap Manager