Bookmark Manager

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The Bookmark manager is an elegant method of storing locations within your zones which you can quickly travel to. This is an ideal method of navigation when working on large areas, and you want to travel to the place you want to edit quickly.


All saved bookmarks can be seen in a list on the left hand side. By selecting the bookmark, all its related information appears on the right hand side which can be edited at any time. With a bookmark selected, press the Go To button to instantly move to that position in the Editor or press the Remove button to delete the selected bookmark. If you wish to create a new bookmark, this can be done via the View Menu of the Main Editor. Alternatively press the Ctrl+Shift+B shortcut.

Note that if the Update Thumbnail option is checked, then a screenshot of the destination will be captures and can be viewed in the bookmark manager when it is next open to act as a preview of the destination. By checking this option and traveling to an existing bookmark, the thumbnail will be updated.