Animation Manager

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After importing an Animated Model into your scene before you can get it to play the animation in the viewport you need to instruct it as to how to play the animation. This can be done using the Object Animation Settings that appear when the model is loaded. However, these settings will only contain data that is set up in the Animations Manager.

The Animation Manager is a simple tool that allows you to create Animation Set’s which contain multiple Animation Sequences. A Sequence is merely a set of values of the name of an animation, the start & End Frame in the Timeline and the speed at which the animations play by percentage. For example, if you created a New Set for a Human model, you would want several animation sequences to be available, Walk, Run, Idle etc. For each one you would define the key frame range in which the animation is played in the timeline of the exported model. After setting all that up you will now be able to select your created Set and Sequences from the Object Animation Settings in the World Editor.

What is worth noting is that the engine operates at 60 frames per second (100%), so bare that in mind when you are creating your animations in Blender or whichever 3D software you like to use.

  Component Description
New Set Create a new Animation Set
Delete Set Delete the selected Animation Set
Duplicate Set Duplicates the selected Animation Set
New Sequence Creates a new Sequence within the selected Animation Set
Delete Sequence Delete the selected Sequence of the selected Animation Set
Done Closes the Animation Manager