2021 Roadmap

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Since the initial alpha launched in September 2017, we have focused primarily on the rendering suite and world building tools so that developers are able to design their environments as efficiently as possible. Our team of talented engineers acted upon feedback given by our growing community making constant improvements to the engine with the addition of new features and reworking existing ones.

Over the next year we aim to continue to deliver the quality that our testers have come to expect with bigger updates, better performance & more advanced features. The time has come to take a step back from world building tools and move forward to actual gameplay mechanics. In the following months, the development team will be introducing brand new scripting solutions and user interface along with three dimensional audio systems and much more advanced rendering algorithms.

Our mission remains the same. We want to create a robust development tool that can serve as a viable alternative to other mainstream products. By providing complete control and customizability, the Engine will be able to suit any project while still remaining simple and efficient to use.

We have a long road ahead of us but we like a challenge. Everything that has been accomplished so far, is thanks to the amazing support of all our alpha testers and our patrons. Here's to another year of Bright Development!

2021 Milestone & Progress

Terrain Tessellation: 100%
Dynamic Foliage Rework: 0%
Model Brush Rework: 0%
Occlusion Query Rework: 100%
Order Independent Transparency: 0%
Volumetric Effects: 0%
Shadow Smoothing: 0%
Cloud Shadows: 0%
Water Simulation: 0%
Motion Blur: 0%
3D Model LOD System: 20%
3D Model Animation System: 40%
Mesh Particle Animation: 0%
Audio & Physics
Geometric Sound Bouncing: 0%
Rapid Collision Detection: 0%
Particle Catching: 0%
Wind Simulation: 25%
Projectile Simulation: 0%
Exposed Script Classes: 40%
UI Systems: 0%
Interface Designer: 0%
In-Editor Testing: 50%
Bright Editor
Untitled Flora Generator: 0%
Slope-Based Terrain Painting: 0%
Quixel Megacans™ Import Link 0%