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The Mission

Bright Engine's mission is to create a robust development tool that acts as a viable alternative to other mainstream products by providing complete control and customisability, allowing the Engine to suit any project while still remaining simple and efficient to use. The design philosophy is to cut production time by simplifying the whole development process without removing control from the user or needlessly over-complicating systems.
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Join the existing community and begin experimenting with the continuously improving features of Bright Engine, receive real time progress updates from the developers, and help us transform the project with your feedback!

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Free Perpetual License

By simply joining the Bright Engine Alpha, you secure a perpetual license for Bright Engine Free of Charge! Even when Bright Engine becomes a commercial project, you will never have to pay a thing!

Realtime Progress Updates

Get updates from the developers on a regular basis about the progress being made as well as joining in the conversation to ensure you get what you need out of Bright Engine!

Constant Software Updates

If you are part of the Insider Programme, you'll have access to constant updates on a weekly basis! Even if you aren't, large updates are typically released every other month for you to see how your feedback has been implemented!

Report Bugs

Use the engine and find all the bugs that managed to sneak past so that we can squash them promptly!

Submit Feature Requests

You're joining at the prime time in development to get the features you need for your project in the engine! Submit feature requests directly to the developers, to help them expand and improve the technology!

Meet the Community

Join the existing community of testers to see what they've been up to, engage in riviting discussions on game development in general, or just come and say hello!

Follow Our Open Development

Bright Engine is still a work in progress. We are building it out in the open, and inviting anyone to join in with the testing process while snagging up a free copy for life! Currently Bright is full of bugs, runs poorly, and only includes a small portion of our planned features but with your help, we can turn it into something truly special!