We are an independent Software & Game Development company based in the United Kingdom. Formed by like-minded gamers, we aim to achieve the highest possible standard of technology solutions while ensuring the experience using them is immersive and enjoyable!

Our ever-expanding team of talented developers & artists all strive to push the limits of what is possible to redefine the standards of the industry, all while supporting and motivating each other to get the job done efficiently & to professional quality.

Gajatix was originally founded back in 2011 when it was merely a small group of friends who decided building an MMO with no planning or budget was a good idea. Dragon Gate became our world for a good number of years and taught us all the processes involved in successfully creating a video game.

Since then, the studio has come a long way, expanding into an international & software studio. In 2014 we took on the responsibility to continue the work of Solstar Games with their RealmCrafter Engine. We teamed up with Ryde Software & released the Community Edition, which the community still lives on today.

These projects granted us the knowledge and resources to pursue a much more ambitious project, Caffeinated3D. It began its early testing phase in late 2016, where it was met with applause & criticism, which we have taken on board as we move into the future.

Now, seven years later, we begin the launch of a new kind of technology that will make the future Bright!

Our Team

Portrait of Zaven Boyrazian

Zaven Boyrazian MSc

Founder & Lead Developer

Portrait of Thomas Chapman

Thomas Chapman

Production Designer

Portrait of Andrew Millspaugh

Andrew Millspaugh

Quality Assurance

Portrait of Jasper Cousins

Jasper Cousins

Character & Creature Artist