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Achieve Your Vision

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Bright Engine is a Light-Weight C++ Rendering platform aimed towards, Real-time rendering for both Video Games and Cinematic Animations. It is still very early in its life-cycle, but has been designed with scalability in mind allowing for any form of project to be created. From a first person shooter to a Massively multi-player online game.

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All in One Editor
Bright Engine has a full suite of production ready tools that will guide you through the development and shipping process. 

C++ Source Code Access
Dive into the heart of your game with complete control over client side source code. Introduce custom 3rd party libraries granting limitless potential.
Rapid Prototyping
With its intuitive toolkit, Bright Engine makes it easy to put together a working prototype without worrying about the back-end while providing real-time performance feedback.
Dedicated Community
Join the growing community of experienced developers discussing timely, relevant topics to help you throughout your development journey.

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One of the best new engines of the year, well on its way to the quality you'd expect from a AAA game engine. Comparable to the likes of CRYENGINE, Unreal Engine, and Godot in terms of its renderer. Best of all, it has real time lighting.


Jason Bucotte / Visceral Reality Games

A game engine that I have been looking forward to as it thrives on new architecture and ideas for better and faster game development.


Cody Pryor / Titan Realm Studios

An engine equipped with powerful capabilities and potential, backed with expert support, making this one game engine to keep an eye on.


Massum Zaidi / Co-founder, Visceral Reality Games

Follow Our Open Development

Bright Engine is still a work in progress. We are building it out in the open, and inviting anyone to join in with the testing process while snagging up a free copy for life! Currently Bright is full of bugs, runs poorly, and only includes a small portion of our planned features but with your help, we can turn it into something truly special!